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Flyer 8.8 SPACEdeck

As from:MUR 6200000

Flyer 850 SUNdeck

As from:MUR 4200000

Gran Turismo 50

As from:MUR 28000000

Saona 47

As from:MUR 26000000

Our Selection of Boats

Antares 30 S
As from: MUR 6360000
Antares 7
As from: MUR 3200000
Antares 30
As from: MUR 7000000
Antares 36
As from: MUR 14560000
Antares 42
As from: MUR 14238000
Antares 5.80
As from: MUR 1596000
Antares 8
As from: MUR 3800000
Antares 8.80
As from: MUR 4200000
Antares Out-Board
As from: MUR 19500000
Barracuda 6
As from: MUR 2800000
Barracuda 7
As from: MUR 3400000
Barracuda 8
As from: MUR 4400000
Barracuda 9
As from: MUR 6232000
First 20
As from: MUR 1560000
First 25
As from: MUR 2800000
Flyer 5.5 SPACEdeck
As from: MUR 2077920
Flyer 5.5 SUNdeck
As from: MUR 2077920
Flyer 6.6 SPACEdeck
As from: MUR 2560000
Flyer 6.6 SPORTdeck
As from: MUR 2560000
Flyer 6.6 SUNdeck
As from: MUR 2560000
Flyer 7.7 SPACEdeck
As from: MUR 3532000

Boat Management

Yacht Management offers a wide range of services in boat management to meet the expectations of their clients.

Launched since over a decade, the company has built an important network of strategic partnerships in order to offer tailored solutions to each client in the boating scene.

We offer the boat owner a complete range of services, tacking away the heavy burden of boat management and leaving time for pure enjoyment.

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